Hello, My name is Camara Williams and welcome to my world. I’m an Orlando, FL based attorney and an area community organizer. I have extensive legal experience with federal and state law in the areas of franchising, business, contract, transactional law, probate/estate planning, and finally labor & employment law. In the community, I have had the pleasure of serving on a number of different local charity boards. 

However, all of these are just small glimpses of who I am and what I represent. Over the last few years I have tried to provide people with a better overall picture of my entire being, this was done mainly over social media. Whether that glimpse included small windows into my personal life as a husband, father, son, brother, friend and colleague, it still never showed me my whole self. So, I created this platform as a way to really express myself, my entire self, in its full being, through both my writings and my podcast. Like any creative, it is my hope that when you are done experiencing the world through my eyes, that you would have left feeling informed, inspired, and incredible. Thank you for being part of my journey, your presence is appreciated.

Camara Williams

Uncultured Bias with Camara Williams

Often times society will tell you the framework of how one should think, feel, and worst of all what to say. This very much so given through the prism of anti-black culture. This Podcast smashes that convention by evaluating how politics, social issues, music, sports, entertainment and life through the prism of black culture. Our culture is more than consumption, it is the prism of life. This Podcast leans on that fact. Welcome, to the world of the Uncultured Bias.

Rarely are people just one thing. We are mixture of our experiences and imagination. Life and responsibilities sometimes forbids us from being our ‘every-self’. Whether it is because of our jobs or family situations, we often times push down the other piece of us, in order to make room for the person that society and/or your family witnesses on the daily. All three individuals you see represent a part of me. If you can relate to any portion of me, or simply understand the complexity of identity, well then…….you are Unconventional, Unparalleled, Unbelievable and most importantly….you are Uncultured….welcome.


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What is the difference between an Aristocrat and a Black AristoCAT? Well a regular Arisocrat is someone who deemed a “Blue Blood” a member of societal aristocracy. A social class that according to western civilization, if of the upper rank of social ladder. People who come from such high yield, often times consider themselves elite. They are often unrelatable and offer no understanding of the real world around them. While their social status maybe ideal on the surface level, underneath it all they are shallow and without merit.

An AristoCAT is different. They are simply someone who may operate on the cornes of high society and may on the veneer look like they come from the same elite stock as their aristocrat counterparts, but diving deeper, they are not the same. While the first part of their title gives way to an elite perspective (Aristos-Greek for Power). The second formation of their word (CAT) implies something deeper, cooler even. A Cat by its very nature is strong, agile, flexible, adaptable, instinctual high sense of smell and great night vision. These are all the trademarks of someone who survives in a society that was not built for them. They are strong in their sense of self, agile with their thinking, flexible in their approach to any situation, adaptable to scenario that maybe foreign to them, they have great vision even in the darkness of a current circumstance and last but not least, they have a keen sense of smell for bull shit.

If you are black and successful then you have the added benefit of operating within the duality of your life. On the hand, you live and thrive in a world that was not engineered for your success, and yet here you are. A Black success story is one of triumph, full stop. If you have managed to live in two worlds successfully-never forgetting from whence you came, then you my friend are a Black AristoCAT.

This section is dedicated to the writings and ideas of the Black AristroCAT, we welcome any and all submissions.

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The Black AristoCat
Politics Unusual
Vote Black Man

Politics Unusual is a 501(c)(3) that evaluates the political sphere, through unconventional and sometimes unusual framework. We look to take that evaluation and look for unique ways to engage the community and ultimately energize people into voting and continual active political interest. When it comes to human engagement, we believe in the four principles of D.A.S.H. which is Data, Activity. Strategy and Helpful.

Our first initiative is Black Man Vote. Which is an initiative designed to evaluate the voting the patterns of Black Men from all different sectors of life and figure out what messaging works for them. We are data and information focused. We are not aligned with any political party or social agenda, we are simply focusing on the voting habits of black men.

The purpose of this initiative is to discover, evaluate, engage and produce an action plan targeting the black male voter. We call this our D.E.E.P. methodology. This entails Discovering the black male voting pattern. Evaluating that pattern. Engaging with the black male voter in an effective manner and Producing results that show real movement in scale and practice. We are not a political organization and operate independently of any particular political ideology and/ or political party. We believe in the unconventional, because quite frankly, the black male voter does not fall into one particular box. Depending upon the age group, social demographic and physical location, you are likely to receive a multitude of answers to the ultimate question: What Motivates the Black Man to vote. In this initiative, we look delve D.E.E.P. into that question.


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