Episode 52:

Anarchy in Afghanistan 🇦🇫

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Attorney and Advocate Bashir Ghazialam, an Afghanistan a former refugee. We delve into the deep history of the conflict. Speak about the Taliban, the US Government relinquishing control of the region, and the woman of Afghanistan. Most importantly, we get to have a conversation with someone with real experiences and ties to the region and what its like from their perspective.

Time Stamps:

I.Monologue- 2:20

II. Introduction & Afghanistan historical context-8:03

III. Afghans viewpoint of America- 26:27

IV. Were Afghans supportive of US involvement?-34:41

V. The social contract between Afghanistan & US- 36:32

VI. Taliban-40:27 

VII. Afghanistan Economic Pressure-54:17

VIII. America shifting a blame- 1:00:21

IV. American drawdown Timeline-1:11:25

V. America setting up Afghan allies for failure-1:15:13

VI. Conclusion- 1:23:50