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Nikki’s Fight 🥊

In this episode of Uncultured Bias, Camara Williams is joined by the current agriculture commissioner of Florida, and highest statewide Democrat in Florida, the Honorable Nikki Fried. We speak on her gubernatorial campaign, her strategy against the current the Governor Ron DeSantis, her platform for Black Floridians, HERstory and what she envisions for both Floridians and the state of Florida as a whole. This is a very special episode you don’t want to miss. Tap in!

21 Thoughts on the Siege

The attempted capital siege and US Sedition between dismay anger and happiness; with Anger holding the largest portion of my emotions.

Here are my 21 thoughts and feelings concerning the attempted coup d’état….

Political Cleanser Parts 1 & 2

A political cleanser-evaluating not only 2020, but 2021 and beyond. This prospective is given to us from the viewpoint of a both a black woman and white woman. We focus on how not only how they perceived the political world. But we also forecast what’s to come, both here in Florida and nationally as well. We cover the 2020 elections and the political aftermath of what laid wake in such a tumultuous season. Joining us in this discussion is Attorney Karen Persis and Political Strategist Jasmin Burney-Clark.

I Am Not Surprised

I am tired of pretending that Trump and the Republicans are something different than what they really are. Treasonous elected officials who are more concerned with their own agendas than the American people and the republic. But I guess it’s not sedition and treasonous when it involves southern white conservatives. Some like to call that Americans sticking up for what they believe in….I personally like to call it the confederacy.

Pixar Soul

I didn’t think Pixar could top CoCo that’s how elite I felt that film was…but Soul really makes conversation as one of the best Pixar films…it’s that good.

Here are my thoughts on the film. If you haven’t watched it yet, be mindful that there are spoilers below.

A Tale Of Two Elections

For both the democrat and republican side, there are two completely different candidates who are using the energy of the electorate to fuel their campaign. Both speak of turning over Washington D.C. and getting rid of the status quo of ‘doing business’. Those candidates are of course Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Both the Senator and the bombastic business man are playing to people’s frustrations and fears, and these same people are tired of being left out.

Identity And Terror

America has always had an interesting relationship with the word terrorism. I guarantee you that if a certain segment of our population were to describe what a terrorist looked like. They undoubtedly would picture a brown skin individual, who may or may not be Muslim. This dangerous and improper mischaracterization has been peppered into America’s conscious over the last twenty-five years. Successfully conditioning Americans processing of terrorism.

Black Panther, Brown vs Board of Education and the Power of Imagery

Look, I like when my 4-year-old daughter plays with her spider-man action figure, but I LOVE how she identifies with Wonder Woman. Its’s like she instinctually recognizes the importance of Wonder Woman. Black Panther will do the same for her, and millions of children of color.

I can only imagine the young child who will see the images on the screen and be blown away from the imagery, story and beauty of Wakanda.

Call Me Un-American

Why do I want our President elect to be unsuccessful? Because I want better for our country. Make no mistake his failure is a failure for all of us, but his success is possibly a travesty for our moral culture, and our political landscape future.

The Magical Negro

Today the nation (the world) will mourn and honor the death my fraternity brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The accolades are well deserved, his leadership and ultimately his martyrdom is one of the pillars for black progress and freedom. Ironically in the same week the last popular sitting duck President since Dwight Eisenhower will be handing over the keys to the White House (nuke codes) to what data has shown the least popular President Elect in modern history-but this post is not about #45, we have four (4) years to dissect him. This is about how #44 legacy will eventually mirror Dr. Martin Luther King, but not in the hopeful way we would like.