Episode 27:

Black & Asian Conversation: A Dialogue Surrounding Solidarity & Allyship

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by his friend and colleague Onchantho Am an asian community advocate. We speak about the concept behind the model minority caricature of Asian communities, the rise in Asian hate crimes and Black & Asian relations. We dive into the sea of racial complexity between the two groups.

Time Stamps:

(15:00) Camara describes his initial Allyship in Asian communities (17:25) The othering of Asian Americans (18:45) The legal origin of Black & Asian interconnectivity (22:00) Korematsu Trial (25:30) early Asian Immigration and the origination of concept of the model minority (28:00) Comparing Asian caricatures with Black caricatures (32:00) Creating the false narrative of the Asian monolith (33:30) Anti-Asian hate (35:00) The Atlanta shootings (42:00) Fetishizing Asian women (52:00) Sex trafficking (54:00) Asian Americans being a more active social voice (55:00) The recent rise of Anti-Asian hate (58:00) How media normalized Asian hate (1:03:12) How White Supremacy mischaracterized Asian imagery (1:08:12) Younger Asian community being more vocal about white supremacy (1:11:06) Stop Asian Hate vs. BLM (1:13:00) Asians integrating themselves in the Black community (1:20:30) Representation of AAPI in leadership (1:29:28) Asians being used as a Trojan horse to attack affirmative action (1:35:00)