Black Bodies

January 30, 2021

As I wash over the pain of understanding what our black bodies mean to you.

Who are we? What are we? That is a question I want to answered, but which I will field no reply.

You see this question is not brought upon you because I am confused. No this question is to help alleviate your confusion.

Our bodies are nothing but symbols to you.

Whether that symbol is commerce, pain or entertainment. That is who we are and what we represent, to you.

I came to this hearty conclusion when it I see it over and again for many examples of ease-that allows you to move on from one Black Death to another. The names start to ring hollow like a fallen log in forest full of greenery. Does a death really count if nobody is around to video record it? Does death really matter if nobody is willing to speak on it?

You rattle off statements like “black on black crime” or “look at what’s happening in Chicago…” like it’s some number to help you lodge away our humanity. Our bodies are only good if we “shut up and dribble…shut up and rap…shut up and sing….shut up and dance…shut up and act….whatever you do…just please shut up”

Oh look!!!! Another black body is killed? I wonder if Travis Scott is going drop another album?

Oh know!!! Another police beating has occurred…do you think the LeBron will win another ring?

Oh man, Kalief Browder was held hostage in jail for 3 years, without a hearing, for allegedly stealing a backpack….I hope Drakes new album is fire.

Bodies cast away, thrown away, disregarded, disrespect, dismissed. But it doesn’t matter though. Because only a few bad apples is responsible for such unfortunate situation. I am not the problem, after all, I don’t see color, I just see black bodies.