Black Christianity

Episode 26:

Black Christianity: Finding GOD In A Modern Space

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We we wanted to honor Holy Week by starting our “Modern Faith” series with special guest Pastor David Jacques of The Kingdom Church. Camara and David discuss what modern faith looks like, Christ the liberator, LGBTQIA place in modern Christianity, Millennial and Generation Z faith, Agnosticism and Crises of Faith.

Time Stamps:

Is Faith still relevant in this modern world (6:16) How can you have faith in such a terrible world (7:24) How can GOD be all powerful, and allow such wickedness in the world-like Slavery (11:00) Has religion outlived its usefulness? (22:10)  The humanization of God in Old Testament (31:30) LGTBQIA & Christianity (46:55)  How do you modernize Christianity (56:00) Faith and Destiny-the Judas paradox (1:04:00) The rich revolutionary (1:15:00) The toxicity of Christian Marriage (1:20:00) The origination of Christianity (1:28:00) Spiritualism & African Ideology (1:33:00) Growing Christianity (1:40:00) Christ the liberator (1:48:33) Agnosticism & Education (1:53:21) Prosperity Gospel (2:00:00) Indigenous & Gentile reconciliation (2:10:15) Agnosticism (2:17)