Episode 68:

Black Commodity

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Keisha Mulfort, as they discuss the bigger impact of black commodity in white spaces. We evaluate the importance of the half time show, Jay Z roc nations imprint on the NFL’s progression of race relations, and we even evaluate what is corporate cancellation. Finally, we address the impact of how the NFL treated Janet Jackson. It is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Time Stamps: 

I. Opening Statement (1:21) 

II. Introduction (9:50) 

III. Halftime Commodity (11:52) 

IV. Jay Z impact (40:17) 

V. Janet’s legacy Corporate Cancellation (1:00:49)  

VI. Joe Rogan Corporate Cancellation (1:14:00)

VII. Gate keeping Janet’s legacy (1:20:36) 

VIII. Conclusion (1:26:30)