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Episode 33:

Blacks & Policing: Evaluating The Recent Shootings…(again😢)

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We delve deeper into the subject of Black people & policing. Camara Willliams is joined by special guest, Civil Rights Attorney Jonathan Blocker, Civil Litigation Attorney Isaiah K. Floyd, & former law enforcement officer and current security & fire arms training expert Christoper Loussant of FTAC Training. We discuss in detail the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, Law Enforcement training, the legal concept of ‘Qualified Immunity’, and finally The Andre Brown Jr. shooting. This is an episode you surely don’t want to miss!

Time Stamps

Camara’s opening monologue (1:21) Breaking down the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting (6:00) Black Trauma (8:52) Was the shooting justifiable? (12:58) The procedure of deescalating an armed person (16:55) The discussion surrounding the use of Tasers (20:43) What was the purpose of the Chauvin verdict? (42:20) Law enforcement training (44:05) Dehumanizing Death (50:40) The history of law enforcement (52:20) Qualified Immunity (1:01:54) Evaluating White Nationalism in Law Enforcement (1:23:09) Evaluating Defund The Police (1:29:34) André Brown Jr. shooting/ Accountability (1:41:47) Final thoughts (1:54:10)