Episode 67:


In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by former NBA player Laron Profit. We discuss in detail the Brian Flores situation, as well as the importance of Black professional representation. We also discuss the ripple effects of this case, the legacy of former Major Leaguer Curt Flood. We discuss major corporations performative allyship’, we address the Kaepernick legacy and Jay Z’s partnership with the NFL. We talk about why the NBA is so different with their response to social issues, compared to the NFL. Finally, as always, when Laron joins us, we end it by talking about Kobe, this time about leadership.

Time Stamps

I. Opening statement (1:23) 

II. Introduction (6:00) 

III. Brian Flores (8:21) 

IV. The narrative surrounding Black coaches (16:53) 

V. What the NFL doesn’t want (23:05) 

VI. Black representation in professional spaces (26:40) 

VII. Ripple Effects-Curt Flood legacy (36:36) 

VIII. Corporations & performative Allyship (51:50) 

IX. Kaepernick legacy-Jay Z NFL partnership (1:00:00) 

X. Why the NBA is so different (1:08:00) 

XI. Kobe & leadership (1:18:00) 

XII. Closing thoughts (1:28:33)