Call Me Un-American

January 17, 2017

You heard it immediately after the general election, as we edge closer to the January 20, 2017, inauguration day, the chorus is going to be louder than brass band on homecoming weekend. The statement I am referring to is “Its Un-American to want this President to fail”. My response, well call me Un-American. I am sorry, I thought after months of sitting down and reflection that I would be able to get on board with our new President. But every time I am ready to be the bigger person and act with the expected decorum of any American after the election, Donald J. Trump does something that is so childish and so beneath the office of Presidency that I find myself stunned that ANYONE thought he deserved the most coveted seat in politics. Nothing he does is stately, measured and focused and the fact that this man is going to be the face of our nation bothers me to the core.

So why do I want our President elect to be unsuccessful? Because I want better for our country. Make no mistake his failure is a failure for all of us, but his success is possibly a travesty for our moral culture, and our political landscape future. If you were like me than you were disgusted with this political season, both sides brought America to the dumpster and expected us to ignore the trash in front of us. So in a way it was no surprise that in an election environment of this type, that Donald Trump came walking away the winner. My question is this, do we really want another one of those elections 8 years from now? Of course not. We want something that abhors denigration, intolerance, ignorance and hate. If our President elect remains the way he is, and runs a successful presidency, than it will not only embolden his behavior, but his supporters who turned a blind eye to his actions to justify their vote. Yes jobs are important, but so is human decency. Furthermore, how can we as a country take the moral high ground, when we have a president who takes shots of anyone who disagrees with him on twitter. Yes in the ideal world I would love for our President elect to be successful and our nation to thrive, but this is not a perfect world, and Donald Trump is not a perfect President.

You see in my eyes the office of the Presidency is the first vision that other countries see when they look through the telescope and point it towards America. Whomever, holds that office every 4-8 years is the American brand. You may not have like President Obama, but no one can say that he nor his family did anything to embarrass the brand of the Presidency, they held that office with honor, even when people in this country treated them like mud. No I am not expecting President Elect Trump to become Obama, or anything close to it, all I am asking is for him to act with the decency this office demands and to not provide a poor example of leadership to the youth who will be emulating his every move. If this is too much to ask, then I do not want any part of the success that comes with poor actions. The bible tells us that what profits a man who gains the whole world and loses its soul? And at this point, I am genuinely afraid of America losing its soul. Call me dramatic, but there was time when demanding that our President act, I don’t know…Presidential! And operated with class and decency. Those were American pillars. Now we are nation belittling and insults, and our attitude reflects leadership. So if that is the American example, then go ahead call me Un-American and barring change, I will live with that title proudly for the next 4 years. Be Blessed.