Episode 59:

Comedic Trans-Fixing: Part 1

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by special guest, Keisha Mulfort, comedian Shana Manuel and comedian Carleton Murrell. In part 1 of this special episode the group discuss, identity vs gender, Dave Chappell vs. ‘Alphabet Community’, Dave Chappell’s authenticity, a comedian’s job and responsibilities, and much more. Part 1 is definitely not something you want to miss, tap in!

Time Stamps:

I. Opening monologue (4:46) 

II. Introductions (14:56) 

III. ‘Cis’ identifiers Sexuality vs Gender (19:15) 

IV. Chappell vs ‘Alphabet community’ (27:32) 

V. A comedians job (34:40) 

VI. Dave Chappells fake authenticity? (41:50)

VII. Punching down? (45:18)

VIII. The best Dave Chappell special?  (50:27) 

IX. Low hanging fruit (52:35) 

X. Is it comedy? Or personal observations (55:20) 

XI. Finding the funny (57:02) 

XII. Switching out the characters (59:50)

XIII. Black community being okay with oppression (1:02:40) 

XIV. Deception in discretion (1:07:00) 

XV. Outro (1:13:11) 

Check out comedian Carleton Murrell on the below links: