Episode 60:

Comedic Trans-Fixing: Part 2

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by special guest, Keisha Mulfort, comedian Shana Manuel and comedian Carleton Murrell. In part 2, we discuss parents navigating the discussion of inclusivity in the household, white feminism vs black feminism, the concept of cancel culture, and much more! Tap in to part 2!!!

Time Stamps: 

I. Part 2 Intro monologue (0:07) 

II. Parents navigating the Transgender conversation (5:49) 

III. My parental admission (10:05) 

IV. Defining how to protest (18:50) 

V. Black feminism vs. white feminism (20:09) 

VI. Intersectionality (23:27) 

VII. How politics use black women (31:30) 

VIII. An angry black man’s view point on feminism (35:15)

IX. TERF debate (41:39) 

X. Does ‘Cancel Culture’ exist? (58:17) 

XI. Final thoughts (1:15:43) 

Check out Carleton Murrell standup on the below links: