Critical Race Theory Conversation

Episode 34:

The Critical Race Conversation: Is 🇺🇸 Racist? Our Inability For Honest Dialogue Surrounding Race & Culture

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We speak about the recent question “Is America Racist?”. Joining Camara Williams on this podcast discussion is his Phrat Brother, Attorney Andre Hammel. They discuss Senator Tim Scotts speech, specifically surrounding the question ‘Is America Racist’. They also touch upon Kamalas commentary on the subject. We then unexpectedly dive into what it means to be a Black conversative in America, transitioning then to Gov. DeSantis commentary on ‘Critical Race Theory’, and finally we end on the concept of ‘Woke’ism’ using Tucker Carlson statements as an avenue on change and white supremacy. It’s a multifaceted conversation you do not want to miss!

Time Stamps:

Opening Monologue (.48)  Introducing Attorney André Hammel (6:40) Sen. Tim Scott’s comments (11:34) VP Kamala Harris comments (26:38) Black conservatism (39:13) The concept of access (55:00) Raising Black children-freedom (1:00:36) DeSantis & Critical Race Theory (1:07:17) Woke’ism & abrupt change (1:34:40)