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Episode 41:

Critical Race Theater 🎭

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by , attorney Lyndon Everette Carter of Darden Restaurants and Dr. Terrence Kidd, who is Director Center of Critical Race Studies  and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Southern University. We dive deep into the recent social theater 🎭 of ‘Critical Race Theory’ and the show behind it. We broach topics surrounding the origin of this fiasco, what is ‘Critical Race Theory’, the politics behind it, the impact on schools and social function of such a premise. We definitely go there! Check it out.

Time Stamps:

Subjects covered:

  • I. ‘Critical Race Theory’ what is it? (19:04)
  • II. The Economics of it all (32:00)
  • III.   DeSantis (50:00)
  • IV. Filibuster (1:17:19)
  • V. Schools & Race (1:26:28)
  • VI.  Romanticism of American History (1:53:54)
  • VII.  The importance of Black Authenticity (2:00:03)

Monologue (1:10) Introduction (12:33) Critical Race Theory, what is it? (19:04) How PPP loans and economics, race redlining all interrelate (32:00) The timeline of how the right wing movement to codify Critical Race Theory into a cultural war (50:05) DeSantis performative leadership & the politics of it all (1:04:20) Filibuster and it history (1:17:19) School & Race (1:26:28) The Romanticizing of American history (1:53:54) The importance of learning about the authentic black experiences (2:00:03) Conclusion (2:20:45)