Episode 62:

Hustlin Forward: Stories of Black Entrepreneurship

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Jermaine Jones and Brandy Felton as they speak on their personal stories and what it means to be a black entrepreneur in today’s world. We talk about success stories, failures, relationships as an entrepreneur and what it means to be a black face in entreprenuerail space. If you’re interested in black entrepreneurship, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss! Tap in!

Time Stamps:

I. Monologue (2:19)

II. Introductions (9:18) 

III. Brandy Felton’s entrepreneurial  journey (14:20)

IV. Lack of melanin Cosmetics industry (17:13) 

V. Jermaine Jones road to glory story (22:30)

VI. Why education courses are the new wave (37:00) 

VII. The other side of Entrepreneurship (42:40)

VIII. Is there a bad side to being an entrepreneur (45:12) 

IX. The sacrifices the entrepreneurs make (48:00) 

X. Failures in being an entrepreneur (56:03) 

XI. Cultivating a relationship as an entrepreneur (1:03:24)

XII. Personal Brand (1:14:43) 

XIII. Black business face ownership (1:26:00) 

XIV. The greatness of LeBron (1:32:06) 

XV. Conclusions.