Episode 43:

From Diddy 2 (Puff) Daddy: A Conversation Surrounding Black Fatherhood

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Joey Ocean, and Robert Foster III. Together they dive into what it means to be a black father in todays society, parenting lessons that received from our respective fathers, individual parenting style, recognizing yourself in your offspring and suppressing the inner Diddy within them. Also this podcast chock full of absolutely amazing dad jokes! This is definitely a podcast you do not want to miss!

Time Stamps: 

Monologue (1:20) Introductions (5:16) First thoughts surrounding being a father (9:48) Lessons from parents (25:05) Seeing yourself in your children (36:35) Navigating your children through their crushes (51:13) Setting the standard for their future relationships (1:01:21) Preparing your children to control their super power (1:11:12) Pouring into your children (1:12:20) How our parenting  style differs from our parents (1:15:10) Whipping your children (1:23:13) The importance of witnessing healthy relationships (1:30:06) Pushing away the the dad bod narrative (1:33:45) Why being your whole self is important to children (1:40:15) Repressing the inner Diddy (1:50:43) Final thoughts (2:01:32)