Episode 53:

God of Hype: The Book of Donda

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Rob Foster III and Kenneth Nicolas, as they discuss in depth Kanye’s newest album. They go into the religious ideology throughout the album, the iconography associated with the album, the hype beast that is Kanye, his musical legacy and how we ultimately view this album. In this podcast, we ask the question “Is this a Hip-Hop Album?” It is definitely a podcast you do not want to miss!

Time Stamp:

I. Monologue (1:41)

II. Introductions (7:48) 

III. Where is Kanye at now? (11:21) 

IV. Living in our social bubble-Tyler The Creator  (17:47) 

V. Can you say something is trash based on your current placement of life? (22:21)

VI. Curating your opinion-popular to hate it (25:58) 

VII. Growing up with your artist-allowing them to grow (30:09)

VIII. Lost Generation-Church Adjacent (32:46)

IX. What was the purpose of this album? (38:24) 

X. Separating the art from the man (42:30)

XI. Has society gotten away from the nuanced approach (52:14) 

XII. Why Kanye is trash (57:27) 

XIII. King of the Spectacle-Was it even needed? (1:04:13) 

XIV. Does the music speak for itself (1:06:00) 

XV. Kanye exploiting people and creatives (1:18:25) 

XVI. How are we supposed to evaluate art? (1:34:40) 

XVII. Conclusion (1:39:30)