Godzilla (White Supremacy) vs King Kong (Black People): An unnecessary deep breakdown of the movie

April 6, 2021


First of all…don’t take this blog post seriously….or do…I am not so sure. But as I was jotting down some notes in my journal an idea hit me that what if Godzilla vs. Kong is an allegory for something deeper?
I mean…don’t get me wrong…I understand it is an absurd premise….a giant ape and a giant radioactive lizard battling on top of a starship….how preposterous is that?!? And yet…I wonder…am I deep enough to find the meaning in the most mundane….most childish example of cinema released in 2021…..yes I am.
Before we get into the deep dive….I want to explain something about my process.
I was messing around in my phone on Sunday, getting my thoughts down in the note section. Throwing ideas that I don’t want to forget later on.
I usually do this exercise when I want to jot down random ideas for a podcast, blogs, poems and such…at any rate I (accidentally) stumbled into a writing a think piece on why Godzilla vs King Kong is an allegory of white supremacy against black people. Even reading over it now…I’m not quite sure if I am being serious or not….
And no, I wasn’t high 😂…. I just sometimes get into a creative writing space and the thoughts go where they are supposed to go.
BTW my note section in my phone is a diary of ideas, half thoughts, and permutations of a subject matter already discussed, explored or left for dead.
So with that being said…without further ado…my unnecessary deep dive into Godzilla vs King Kong (here goes nothing)….

Godzilla = White Supremacy
King Kong = Black People

A thread of facts…

When we first met King Kong he was chilling on the island. Minding himself. Civilization, the US imperialism colonialistic agency better known as the US Military, invaded his space and tried to kill him. He was literally just existing, and they tried to murder him…so familiar? Let’s continue…

Godzilla main source of aggression is that he is the “Apex Predator” meaning that anyone else that even attempts to usurp that status becomes an immediate problem. His is whole existence revolves around establishing dominance.

Basically, Godzilla is an emotional white man who is overly concerned with being deemed irrelevant and is terrified of cancel culture. Even though it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel white supremacy.

Godzilla will go to any place in the world. Mash it up. Destroy civilians, buildings and have collateral human death damage. Then leave. Oh! , and he expects to be praised for this…which of course he is…(“THANK YOU GODZILLA FOR NOT KILLING US IN YOUR PATH TO ESTABLISH DOMINANCE”)

People literally praise Godzilla for not eliminating them. Also, he can’t be killed with bombs and guns. They’ve tried. It doesn’t work. White Supremacy is the same way….war and weapons never kills white supremacy…in fact…war emboldens it…makes it stronger.

Which brings us to the fight…

We find King Kong existing…minding his black business…but instead of being left alone….he is being studied & monitored. Sort of like Black people and our culture….

He’s not happy about this. Understandably.

So what do white people do…they make a decision…without him and move him to a place they deem better for him….

They load this man on a ship…in chains mind you…complete with the aesthetic of chains around his neck and wrist because….why not 👀🖕🏿…and carry him across the sea….

When a white woman asked the little girl why Kong didn’t inform them that he understood them completely…her response “He doesn’t trust you…”
I mean I get it…..they literally created a cage out of his home island…so now I’m supposed to trust y’all?!? F.O.H! 🖕🏿
Again…if this ain’t the blackest thing in the whole movie…then I don’t know what is …Black people have the unique ability to observe white people and know them, before they know us. While they think we can’t understand them, it is actually the other way around. We peep things and keep it to ourselves…because we don’t trust you.

Look…peep how Kong always understood them…but they don’t understand him…again…this is Black people in a nutshell…we observe and understand two worlds…this how we adapt and survive…but I digress…

…Let’s just say he was better for the move….and him living in an environment he’s never been to is a better place…cool…..(This justification has been repeated by idiots that Black people were better off in America anyway…so therefore Slavery was justified in a way….again F.O.H!!!🖕🏿)

You know who’s not happy about King Kong minding his business and going ‘home’ being at peace…
GOD-MUTHFUCKING-ZILLA (white supremacy).
So he attacks and tries to kill Kong in his environment. Trying to drown him in a space that he (White Supremacy) operates comfortably in. Claiming victory despite the odds and the environment is heavily in his favor. Parading around like it was a fair fight…when anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see how the deck was slanted in on direction…….Sound familiar? Whether it’s subjects surrounding standardized testing, work dynamics, politics, business, college admissions to certain schools….the story is always the same…the uneven advantage is never taken into to consideration.
(back to the movie)
Kong barely escapes with his life…he has to play dead and submit in order to be left alone (Black people in America….Am I right!?!😭😩). Again…this is simply based on Godzilla feeling threatened with his existence. Again, change out Godzilla & Kong for White Supremacy vs Black Existence…and this STILL works.

Kong finally makes it home…but what happens…the white people who brought him there…don’t give a damn about his home and legacy….they immediately try and exploit the land…(mild shocker)
At the sametime….
Godzilla is also realizes that Kong is home…just existing….
So what does he (Godzilla) do?… He literally blows a radioactive hole in the ground attempting to decimate this man’s home and legacy…
Challenges him to fight again. Kong obliges. Kong beats him the 2nd time…but white supremacy is relentless…
So immediately after fighting….he attacks Kong again…and beats him…I can’t fault Kong for this L he took…because he has literally been extracted, nearly drowned, exploited and fought A radioactive lizard THREE TIMES!!!! All in a 24-hour span…he’s emotionally and physically exhausted man…Shit, I am just tired just thinking about it….
Out of nowhere…Mecha Godzilla pops out of a mountain. A man made creation looking to replicate Alpha Predator Godzilla. This makes sense…
Society often times tries to recreate the power that subjugates them. Especially when they realize they can’t kill it. They assimilate to become the very thing they abhor. A story as old as time….
Also…it’s all cyclical…because as they strive to recreate the thing that scares them. Presuming ignorantly that they can control it. That beast turns on you. (Imperialism and capitalism is nodding affirmatively)

So they fight…and Godzilla is losing to the very thing he is….I mean …the irony is the ONLY thing bigger than these two massive lizards.

Kong conversely is slowly dying. But they can’t even let him die in peace. So they revive him to fight the very thing that they created.

So now Kong is tasked with saving the world from its own bullshit…and teaming up with the very entity which seeks to destroy him at every waking moment…. This sort of reminds me of how corporations and governments ‘banded’ together with activists in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death….shit is wild….(Racism is nodding affirmatively). Black people are always tasked with taken on the burdens of society, throwing on our cape and saving the world around us….(the 2020 elections are nodding affirmatively)
So after Kong saves the day…with Godzilla providing an assist (aint that shit ironic)…Godzilla ‘decides’ to leave Kong alone and move on….No thank you for saving my ass or apology for trying to murder you TWICE!! Godzilla just leaves…throwing up the deuces ✌️
This ain’t exactly a loving resolve but that’s where we are…both in this movie and in life….
So now… Kong is back home… and existing…and of course being observed by white people.

The End.

Now before you say…”Damn it Camara!!…can’t your blackness take one day off?!?” My response is this….”The day my Blackness takes a day off…is the day White Supremacy takes a day off…but it won’t…because it’s relentless….just like Godzilla”