Guns and Butter

June 8, 2022

While I absolutely loved and appreciated Matthew McConaughey’s speech yesterday at the White House podium. I think it’s important to acknowledge how irretrievably broken we are as a nation, that it takes a celebrity to speak truth at the political podium.
He’s an actor and yet here he is literally placed at the epicenter of American power, talking not only to the American people but to the very politicians who will never do anything because their political objective and will is more important than our general public safety.

Listen, even here in Florida the supposed ‘Free State’ you have Governor Ron DeSantis penalizing a sports team (Tampa Bay Ray’s) all because they commented on the ending of mass shootings….like do you know how preposterous that is?!? The wanting to end children being massacred by gun fire considered politically divisive. These are our supposed leaders who people keep placing in power to protect us. Or in DeSantis case, he is heavily favored to win re-election despite his consistent authoritarian stances. We are more broken as a country, a nation, a community, and a people than what we realize.

I know I give a lot of grief to the do nothing Democrats, but this blood falls directly on the Republicans’ hands. Not only did they all vote “No” in addressing a bill that would tackle gun reform-offering no amendment or substitute in the process. But, when pressed about the issue of gun violence in this country Senator Ron Johnson said, “Let’s first address the Hunter Biden situation”….like seriously? You’ve got to be f%cking kidding me!!!….that’s his position and response?!? Thus proving once again we are not a serious nation.
Coincidentally, Garnell Whitfield Jr., the son of the oldest Buffalo massacre victim Ruth Whitfield addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on domestic terrorism yesterday. He also spoke truth to power. His quote:

“Is there nothing that you personally are willing to do to stop the cancer of white supremacy and the domestic terrorism it inspires? Because if there is nothing, then…you should yield your positions.”

His speech was just as poignant as Matthew McConaughey’s speech, if not more important. It addressed the ultimate root of the problem. White Supremacy. You see it’s this core issue that fuels the NRA into forcing politicians into divisive talking points. Point black period ‘whiteness’ and the protection of that status quo has always been at the heart of Americas’ gun culture. I say that as a black man who owns guns, as in multiple guns.

Gun control at its heart has never been about protecting the 2nd Amendment. It has been to secure white identity politics. This has been proven time and time again whether with the Black Panthers showing up at the California State Capitol, thus ushering new gun control laws. An exercise pushed by then sitting Governor Ronald Reagan. Or simply the application of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws and how it is disproportionately affects black defendants. Hell, every time you even mention ‘Gun Control’ a person marches into the discussion with “What about Chicago?!?” Which is code for black gun violence.

So yeah, there’s evidence that my assessment and Garnell Whitfield, Jr. speech is on point. So yes, while I am happy that a gun owning straight white male celebrity was able to speak truth to power yesterday. I am disheartened that it speaks to both how messed up our political system truly is and how driven we are by celebrity culture. The fact that it takes a celebrity—at the White House podium-to address an American political problem should be a pause for greater societal concern and deeper reflection.

That’s just my two cents. Stay Blessed y’all.