I Am Not Surprised

January 4, 2021

I Am Not Surprised

I would say I am surprised…but I am not.

I would say I am shaken….but I am not.

I would say I am disgusted….but I am not.

But what I am is exhausted….

This is the same President who undermined 17 of his intelligence agencies because he chose to take Russia’s word over theirs. This is the same President who was found guilty on obstruction of justice for withholding evidence and failure to cooperate with an investigation. This is a President who routinely used his office fulcrum for his own self interest and priority. Everything about him is transactional.

Trump has never been nothing more than person who leaves wreckage in his wake. My fear for Trump in the White House was always two fold…

1. His penchant for immortality, lack of a true moral center and lack of true work ethic made his ascension into the hardest and most important job in the world beyond troubling.

2. His history of things being worse AFTER he’s done with them made me wonder why people were so enamored with the salesman and not the product.

So no I am not ‘surprised’ that he tried to undermine an election by asking Georgia officials to help him find an extra 11,780 votes. This is his modus of operandi.

So no I am not ‘shaken’ that his efforts post election and those of congress on January 6th will result in any shift in the results. The courts and the DOJ have spoken-what’s left is nothing more but political theatre for self interested and politically ignorant.

And no I am not ‘disgusted’ because quite frankly this man has shown me countless amount of times that his limit knows no bounds…

But if you’re wondering about my exhaustion…here it is…

I am tired of pretending that Trump and the Republicans are something different than what they really are. Treasonous elected officials who are more concerned with their own agendas than the American people and the republic. But I guess it’s not sedition and treasonous when it involves southern white conservatives. Some like to call that Americans sticking up for what they believe in….I personally like to call it the confederacy.

I am tired of acting like people who supported him are nothing more than a cult. Yes maybe not every one of those 74 million may believe in cultish behavior, or be bigoted, or even racist. But 74 million thought it was perfectly normal behavior to worship a political figure like a deity and act like his word and actions were beyond reproach. They literally never thought that 4 more years of this attitude would be a problem. Picture this….imagine people driving around with a big Biden flag on the back of their Prius…and wearing Biden name paraphernalia and having a life size card board cut of Biden and comparing him to Jesus, and thinking that any thing Biden says is gospel, and thinking that Biden is incapable of lying or deceit, or that everyone was against Biden despite the facts showing otherwise. Imagine living with that for the next 4 years, would you think this was cultish behavior? Of course you would. I am just tired of acting like this is not what we know it to be. 74 million people thought this was ‘okay’ behavior…and wanted more of it…they may not have been in a cult…but they damn sure where okay with congregating with cultish behavior.

I am exhausted acting like this challenging of the election is nothing more than ploy by Trump save face and drive out money from his supporters. I would say it’s a scam…but they’ve been notified by his purpose for the money and yet they still continue to give to him. It’s not a scam anymore, it’s tithing to the church of Donald J Trump.

I am exhausted by the Republican politicians who are using this as way to curry favor with Trumps base-not because they actually believe his cause-but simply because they want to ensure support from his cult. Riddle me this? How do people who actually won this very “fraudulent” election, reconcile the fact that they won and Trump lost? Does this election invalidate their results?

I am exhausted that no one pointing out that Trumps attempted undermining of Georgia is nothing more than a last ditch feeble attempt by an old delusional man. Because quite frankly even if he found fraud in Georgia, He still lost the election.
Lastly, I am tired of talking about his leadership-or lack thereof..

Also….just so we are clear…nobody records anyone in a conversation…unless you expect something nefarious to come from that conversation. Those are just the facts. You know how despicable you have to be, when people are expecting the worse out of you-and you still deliver on their expectations? Smh.