Episode 72:

I Want A 90’s R&B Type Luv ❤️

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We explore dating in the modern lense and explore the idea of “I want a 90’s R&B type of love”, helping him in this conversation. Camara Williams is joined by Tanya Baskerville & Knakeesha Samuels. We delve into online dating, the modern romance, the ‘High Value Man’ and even speak on international dating. This podcast gives us a window into what’s happening in the streets-which is something you definitely do not want to miss!

Time Stamps 


I. Opening statement (1:15) 

II. Introduction (6:41) 

III. 90’s type of luv- what is that? (8:43) 

IV. Re-evaluating that ‘Different World’ wedding scene (10:10) 

V. How ‘Love Jones’ was a real toxic example of modern love (17:08) 

VI. Adults lying in dating for no reason (18:15) 

VII. Raisin In The Sun analogy (30:00) 

VIII. Social media and love connection (42:58) 

IX. Men and dating outfits (54:45) 

X. Opening up to dating outside of race (1:01:04) 

Part II

XI. Kevin Samuels High value man (1:14) 

XII. A different time of our grandparents (1:38:06) 

XIII. Attraction and dating (1:47:40) 

XIX. Dating out of your league (1:55:50) 

XX. Dating internationally (2:07:00) 

XXI Finding someone that matches your rhythm (2:15:08) 

XXII. Closing thoughts (2:25:20)