Episode 66:

Janet Takes Control

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We continue our Season 2 kickoff with a bonus episode. Camara Williams is joined by Robert Foster III, and they decide to dive into the Janet Jackson documentary. We talk about her journey, seminal moments of Janet’s life, Michael Jackson’s stardom, and of course Jermaine Dupri dropping the ball.

Time Stamps 

I. Introduction (1:47) 

II. Initial thoughts on documentary (5:03) 

III. The biggest shocking reveal on the documentary (9:15) 

IV. The Jackson family history & dynamic (11:47)

V. The isolation of talent & fame (20:50) 

VI. Looking at Janet & Renee’s relationship (25:00)

VII. Janet’s & artist development run (31:02) 

VIII. Jermaine Dupri dropping the bag (44:48) 

IX. The Super Bowl controversy (1:00:30) 

X. Michael & Janet (1:06:38) 

XI. Final thoughts (1:23:32)