Episode 51:

Lets talk about Vax, Baaaabee!

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams continues the ‘Covid Conversation’ series by delving into the science behind the virus and the vaccine. He is joined by attorney and scientist (and self-proclaimed worlds biggest conspiracy theorist) Cordelle Rolle, as well as viral TikTok scientist Dr. Tracy who is a retired college professor, with a PhD Discipline in microbiology and immunology you can follow her at @scitimewithtracy. Together, all three discuss conspiracy theories, government handling of Covid and the Vaccine, what exactly is in the Vaccine that makes it so controversial. It is a discussion you sure do not want to miss!

Time Stamps:

I.Introduction (8:03 -10:07) -Cordelle Row & Dr. Tracy

II. What is Covid? (13:26)

III. The conspiracy behind COVID (15:29) 

IV. Debunking the conspiracy of origination of Covid (21:21) 

V.   Joe Rogan (27:26) 

VI. Challenging the CDC (39:50) 

VII. Crises of Leadership (47:32)

VIII. Vaccine Passports (1:00:13) 

 IX. The difference in Vaccines, is Covid really different? (1:11:15)

X.  Why the Covid Vaccine was created so quickly (1:21:03) 

XI. Challenging the scientist (1:27:15) 

XII. Debunking Pseudo science (1:36:31) 

XIII. What’s in the Vaccine? (1:39:00) 

XIV. Are their natural remedies in lieu of the Vaccine? (1:46:15) 

XV. Conclusions (1:53:45)