Episode 49:

Mental Gymnastics

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams, is joined mental health specialist Jerry Jasmin who specializes in working with athletes mental health.  We spoke about the controversy surrounding Simone Biles exciting out of the events, the importance of mindfulness in athletes, the pressures facing professional athletes, and how society reacts to them. We mention Michael Jordan stepping away from the game, as well as the conversation surrounding Kyrie Irving’s battle with mental wholeness and Noami Osaka noted depression. We also tackle the correlation behind our view of work culture and professional athletes.  It is a podcast you dont want to miss!

I.Monologue (1:15)

II. Introduction (11:27)

III. Addressing the Simone dilemma (13:02)

IV. Explaining Twisties (18:10)

V. Is society making quitting admirable (24:37)

VI. Society & mental health (37:32)

VII. How we evaluate ourselves through the prism of success (51:17)

VIII. Defined as a worker society (55:05)

IX. Michael Jordan leaving the game (1:05:14)

X. Naomi Osaka depression (1:11:41)

XI. Kyrie Irving (1:18:37)

XII. Understanding Compassion (1:24:12)

XIII. Conclusions (1:27:10)