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Episode 28:

Musical Cleanser (R&B EDITION): What Happened To R&B Music?

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We start our musical cleanser series by asking, “What happened to R&B Music? Joining us in this conversation is songwriter, producer and artist Joey Ocean. We delve into many subjects surrounding music, starting with DMX’s passing, the beginning merger of R&B & Hip Hop, music arrangement, song writing, artist management, and finally what exactly is R&B music. It is an engaging conversation that you don’t want to miss!

Time Stamp:

A reflection of DMX & Comparison to 2Pac (5:00) How Joey Ocean got into music (18:00) The death of R&B music (28:15) Creating the look of an R&B artist (38:00) What happened to R&B? (46:00) Evaluating how losing R&B and Soul Music affected men/women relations (58:00) Should Black music be curated by Black people solely? (1:02:35) Looking at current R&B albums like Jazmin Sullivan’s latest (1:11:20) What is an R&B bridge? (1:17:20) How producers take a loop of a melody and creates songs-the lack of creativity using Dr. Dre & Pharrell as an example (1:21:13) Looking forward to the Silk Sonic Album (1:24:20) Looking at how the industry is trying to replicate Billie Eilish sound (1:29:00) How the internet changed the game-created lack of artist development (1:31:00) Looking at the Verzuz competition (1:35:00) Introducing old music to a newer audience (1:40:00)