Episode 45:

Olympian Sized Issues

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by his buddies Robert Foster III and Howard Pernell, they discuss the Olympian size issues surrounding Sha’Carri Rirchardson, the propaganda campaign against Marijuana, did her team let her down, NIKE’s role in everything and their promoting of female athletes. They even delve into the Allyson Felix situation surrounding NIKE. It’s an Olympian size podcast, you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Time Stamps:

Monologue (1:24) introductions (10:21) Speedo conversations (12:42) The mental space of Sha Carri Richardson (14:49) Track conversations (21:26) No preparation for the space she was in (33:20) Who is WADA? (39:32) Cannibus propaganda (47:06) De-Politicizing Marijuana (1:03:23) Did the Olympics prohibit political speech (1:10:03) Evaluating Sha’Carri physical appearance and centering appearances Eurocentric appeals (1:13:45) Did Sha’Carri Team fail her? (1:20:16) Allyson Fight with Nike (1:34:32) Final Thoughts (1:51:48)