Performative Activism Podcast Art

Episode 25:

The Toxicity of Performative Activism: Music, Politics & Culture. Where Are We Going?

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by special guest Jason Henry. Camara and Jason discuss the concept of performative activism, touching topics surrounding Lil Baby Grammy performance, Tamika Mallory, Obama and the toxicity of the fake activism. We dig into it all!

Time Stamps:

Lil Baby Grammy performance and evaluating his song the ‘Bigger Picture’ (4:30). Kendrick Lamar & Lil Baby comparison (15:00). Where is the line between activism and celebrity? (20:00) The Shaun King conundrum (23:12). Samaria Rice criticism (28:00) BLM celebrity group chat (29:20). Can revolution and capitalism coexist? (36:20) Who are the caretakers of activism (42:20) Colin Kaepernick & Jay Z (47:00) No Name (49:00) Black liberation & capitalism (53:00) Criticism of Michelle & Barack Obama (59:00) Can you have liberation in this society (1:02:03) Inability to criticize Barack Obama (1:10:00)  Barack Obama legacy (1:13:00) The danger of social media and politicians (1:16:03) Performative activism Democratic Party (1:26:00) Neo Liberalism (1:30:00) The bad planning of BLM movement (1:38:00) The sacrifice of activism (1:42:00) Where are we going (1:50:00)