Episode 44:

Political Cleanser Part 5: Politics As Usual

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We continue our “Political Cleanser” series with special guest Jason Henry & Attorney Daniel “The Grim Reaper” Uhlfelder. Camara, Jason and Daniel discuss all things DeSantis. We tackle his totalitarian governing style, his re-election campaign and his designs for the oval office. If you are interested in Florida gubernatorial race, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

Time Stamps:

Monologue (1:32) introductions (6:05) DeSantis conversation (19:05) Where Did DeSantis come from [brief history]? (27:03) Why Trump can still control DeSantis ascension (29:07) Political Styles (49:56) What is retail politics? (55:30) Can DeSantis be beat? (1:01:23) Voters motivation (1:10:17) Why haven’t Florida Democrats instituted a 67 county strategy (1:17:40) Why Democrats keep losing in Florida (1:22:12) DeSantis performative authoritarianism (1:27:35) DeSantis speaking to the aggrieved white voter (1:35:00) Taking advantage of people’s insecurity (1:42:12) Final thoughts going forward (1:53:32) 

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