Episode 61:

Political Cleanser Part 6: Throw Some D’s On Dat Bih!!

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We continue our “Political Cleanser” series with special guest Jason Henry. Camara and Jason discuss Biden and the Democrats reneging on their promise to black America, their focus on infrastructure and not the things we want such as the voting rights bill. It’s a podcast that takes an honest look at what is currently wrong with the Democratic Party. This is political cleanser you don’t want to miss!

Time Stamps

I. Monologue (1:57)

II. Introduction (10:25)

III. Jason musical takes (13:15)

IV. The Democratic Party looking in the wrong direction (19:57)

V. The lie about Georgia (25:47)

VI. The political cycle game of data (27:56)

VII. Confirmation Bias (31:03)

VIII. Democrats not getting it done (32:44)

IX. Lack of political fortitude? (34:41)

X. Labor issue-protest (39:16)

XI. Assignment dignity level to income level (41:25)

XII. Pivoting back to Georgia (46:03)

XIII. Democrats forgotten their identity (53:30)

XIV. The past is the crystal ball for the future (54:28)

XV. Arguing the rate increase (59:12)

XVI. The government not doing enough (1:04:03)

XVII. Infrastructure?!?! (1:08:07)

XVIII. West Wing TV show screwed us (1:11:16)

XIX. Why politicians should make more?

XX. Society is too isolated (1:25:42)

XXI. Has analysis ruined the Democratic strategy (1:33:08)

XXII. Cyclical (1:36:21)

XXIII. Democrats performance (1:40:44)

XXIV. Conclusions (1:43:10)