Episode 96:

Political Thrones: Florida’s Mad King-Election Day Special

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by his Phrat brother, Miami-Herald Journalist, C Isaiah Smalls II. Together they talk about his recent article in which he highlights the racial policy framework of  Florida’s Mad King, Gov. Ron DeSantis. We touch his history, mentality and ideology. His recent shenanigans with the “Woke” law. We also delve into topics such as the southern strategy, and ultimately have a broad wide ranging discussion primarily focusing on the black elecorate.  We also pose the philosophical question of whether or not DeSantis is an immovable object, or an unstoppable force, and what is the strategy behind both. So if you’re interested on who the eventual democratic nominee will face this upcoming fall, this is podcast you don’t want to miss, tap in! 🎙