Episode 29:

Pop Culture Cleanser: Amazons ‘Them’ Episode

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We continue our “Pop Culture Cleanser” series with special guest Robert Foster III. We breakdown the latest SnowFall episodes, Falcon & The Winter Soldier. We then spend the latter half of the podcast evaluating and breaking down the newest Amazon series ‘Them’, asking questions surrounding the idea of “Black  Trauma Porn”. We get deep with it, check it out!

Time Stamps:

Nas & Crypto Currency (3:15) Comparing the business moves persona of Nas & Jay Z (5:38)  Talk about Dogecoin craze (13:20) Snowfall show break down (20:32) “Best Drug Show”Is Snowfall better than the Wire or Breaking Bad (27:34) Rapper Rick Ross is prosperity Drug Rap (33:47) The Strategy of Franklin (35:45) The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Breakdown (45:06) Sam’s growth as a character (46:54) Re-evaluating Steve Rogers- The First Avenger  (54:10) Isiah & Sam powerful dialogue “What is Black Patriotism?” (57:05) The symbolism of the shield (1:00:13) How the military disregarded John Walker (1:07:00) We give a break down of ‘Them’-explaining the GI Bill (1:08:05) The Great Migration (1:12:20) What was the point of Them? (1:17:10) I discuss a moment of my life that changed the way I looked at Black History (1:24:00) Evaluating the characters (1:29:15) Evaluating the concept of Trauma Porn (2:00:00)