Headwrap Podcast Art

Episode 40:

Respectability Fashion: Head(wrap)Assery

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is once again joined by stylist extraordinaire Katrina Lee Jones (owner of Styles By Katrina). We discuss the fashion issue gripping black america, which is of coourse “BonnetGate”. We overview the history of “Respectability Politics” and its tie into internalized policing, we also discuss how black fashion trends, tend to become mainstream once its tapped by white America. Wrap your head around this discussion and get into it!

Time Stamps

Opening Monologue (.55) Introducing Katrina Lee Jones (8:01) Societies addiction to comfortability (13:57) Fashion borne out of white supremacy (20:45) Appropriate time & place for fashion (23:39) Allen Iverson dress code conversation (25:04) Monique monologue (28:18) We dive deep into ‘Bonnet-Gate’ (33:16) White Designers stealing black fashion example  ‘Dapper Dan’ (59:15) Breaking down black diaspora fashion appropriation (1:01:36) VP Harris style (1:10:05) looking the part (1:18:03) Fashion scarcity in black people (1:26:10)