Episode 58:

Social Obsession

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Eboni Barnes, a board certified mental health counselor. Together, they discuss the obsessive relationship people have with social media – especially in light of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp going down. They also delve in the danger of social voyeurism, and the trappings of social media relationships. They also touch upon Will and Jada relationship. This is a social media podcast you don’t want to miss.

Time Stamps

I. Monologue (1:30)

II. Introduction (7:34)

III. An obsessive relationship to Instagram and FB (10:12)

IV. The fear of disconnection (15:25)

V. Is a portion of the truth, still the truth? (22:10)

VI. Are we posting strictly for our fans? (29:07)

VII. Socially-Anti Social (36:20)

VIII. The messages of the post (40:00)

IX. Social media couple goals (46:13)

X. Black insecurities and the root of couple goals (48:17)

XI. Comparison the thief of joy (55:09)

XII. Will & Jada, What is an open relationship? (1:03:26)

XIII. How religion has impacted our concept of marriage (1:12:58)

XIV. Redefining the concept of marriage (1:18:10)

XV. Talking & preparing our children for marriage (1:24:33)

XVI. Different cultural standards compared to our parents generation (1:26:05)

XVII. Conclusion (1:31:34)