Episode 47:


In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Cuban American Liset Valle-Jimenez. They delve deep into the current turmoil gripping the island nation, as well as the complicated history of Fidel Castro, the history of Cuba, Afro-Cuban heritage, American hypocrisy surrounding the embargo, the politics of it all and the outlook forward. It is a podcast you don’t want to miss! Tap in! 🎙

Time Stamps 

I. Monologue (1:45) 

II. Introductions (17:17)

III. What’s Currently Happening on Cuba (27:13)

IV. Why now? (32:55) 

V. Patria Y Vida!! (35:45) 

VI. Black Americans relating to the Cuban experience? (38:57) 

VII. Cuban Immigration experience created divisiveness (42:45) 

VIII. Addressing BLM statement (46:26) 

IX. Addressing the Fidel hypocrisy (52:27) 

X. Addressing the hypocrisy of the Americas Embargo on Cuba (58:47) 

XI. Cubans psychological trauma (1:11:03) 

XII. Indoctrination (1:13:10) 

XIII. What do Cubans want? (1:14:34)

XIV. Politics of the situation (1:18:54) 

XV. Why did Cubans vote overwhelmingly for Trump? (1:23:50) 

XVI. Communism vs Socialism (1:27:15)

XVII. Returning home? (1:29:45)

XVIII. Cuban Government game plan (1:35:33) 

XIX. The hesitancy of Black Americans being involved in Cubas fight (1:38:30) 

XX. Closing (1:43:00) 

If you’re interested in learning, sharing and amplifying Cubas message. Utilize the hashtag #SOSCUBA