Episode 65:

Supreme Justice: A Conversation Surrounding Race, Gender and Qualifications

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. In season 2 premier episode, Camara Williams is joined by Jason Henry, they discuss the upcoming selection for the Supreme Court, the ideals of someone on the bench, and deep dive into the social construct of gender, race, and the sliding scale of qualifications in the discussion of professional advancement. Its a discussion you can’t miss.

Time Stamps: 

I. Opening Statement (2:00)

II. Introductions (7:06) 

III. Obama Supreme Court Justice Opinion(9:38)

IV. The operation of the court (20:21) 

V. A history behind the liberal Warren court (25:03) 

VI. The hazing of the judicial appointments (31:21)

VII. The importance of Judges with lived in experiences (41:39) 

VIII. The upholding of Ivy League barometer (51:37) 

IX. How do we this is going to play out? (1:00:39) 

X. White Mediocrity (1:06:45) 

XI. Having to be both Black & Perfect (1:13:00) 

XII. Upholding of the system (1:20:18) 

XIII. Final Thoughts (1:27:40)