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Gun control at its heart has never been about protecting the 2nd Amendment. It has been to secure white identity politics. This has been proven time and time again- whether with the Black Panthers showing up at the California State Capitol, thus ushering new gun control laws. An exercise pushed by then sitting Governor Ronald Reagan. Or simply the application of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws and how it is disproportionately affects black defendants. Hell, every time you even mention ‘Gun Control’ a person marches into the discussion with “What about Chicago?!?” Which is code for black gun violence. So yeah, there’s evidence that my assessment and Garnell Whitfield, Jr. speech is on point.

This world is not perfect, but even in an environment that clearly is wrought with imperfections, still perfect outcomes do occur. That’s what I took away from Richard Williams. He is by far not a perfect man. His biography will clearly spell that out, but even in that imperfection, he borne out two perfect outcomes. The lesson is not let your imperfections determine if you can create perfect creations. After all, flowers are borne from dirt.

“….You literally had aggrieved white people violently storm the Capitol – with the help of public figures and elected officials. Yet…there’s a consortium of people and a whole party telling us to “move on and not belabor the violent assault on our democracy”. Violence through the lens of white supremacy will always be stomached and properly digestive. Also, just so we are clear, the progenitors and protectors of white supremacy do not always have to be white. People of color are often used as a shield for the very white supremacy that would turn around and snap on them. Always remember, a guard dog can be any breed if they are vicious enough.
White supremacist violence is the norm—from the earliest days of white settler colonialism to now. This is yet another assault against ongoing demands for justice…..”

We have to walk away from the concept that justice and fairness operate in the lenses. Because history has shown us that just because something is legally correct, doesn’t make it humanly right. The Supreme Court for nearly 100 years upheld the rights of slavers. The literal pillar of our legal system, Chief Justice John Marshall himself held 300 slaves over the course of his life

Why We Celebrate

By now you may have heard the term Juneteenth. I’m here to tell you the history behind it. In short, two and a half (2.5) years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, Union Major General Gordon Granger, strolls into Galveston Texas and formally informs Texas residents, and the slaves they held in captivity, that slavery has ended. This happened on June 19, 1865.

But what if I told you the Emancipation Proclamation only ended the bondage of those in confederacy but did not end slavery. History has told us that the Emancipation Proclamation is synonymous with freedom. But the reality is that union slave holding states (Maryland, Delaware, Tennessee and Missouri) all continued the practice of slavery after President Lincoln’s fateful order. You see the objective was not (solely) the abolishing of slavery but the crippling of the confederacy and its economic base. Now eventually, all men and women were released from bondage and thus it is known that in these respective states, certain communities held their own local celebrations highlighting when the slaves were emancipated in their territories.

So why is all of this information so important? Well, we must understand that Juneteenth for many decades was solely a Texas holiday. Over the years black people across the country started to incorporate this holiday for its symbology for the struggle and the removal of America’s greatest sin as a whole. You see, despite the understanding that history does not tell the entire story surrounding our subrogation and bondage, we acknowledge the importance of this story because it is a reminder of one key African American attribute:

“Until ALL of us are free, NONE of us are free”

Thus, is the embodiment of communal aspect of black America. The understanding that despite our own personal wellbeing and current station in life, it is embedded within our DNA that we care for everyone around us.

Ultimately, this is the main take away that I want everyone to have when thinking about what Juneteenth means to America. The idea of community equality. No, the story of nation is not perfect and undoubtedly, we are still dealing with the mistakes of our past, but that is what humanity is all about. Being honest with ourselves and acknowledging those not so perfect scars. The beauty of America is that it is a work in progress, a wonderful mosaic painting filled with vibrant colors, cultures and stories. A true masterpiece under construction.

So, when I tell my children the story of America and ultimately about Juneteenth, I will advise them to consider the lesson I am always teaching them. The goal is to not be perfect, the goal is to be better, because that is the standard of which growth is measured. So be not afraid of the truth of the past, embrace its warts and all, because it’s the imperfections that make the beauty.

Just like the ugly truth that it took a while for the message of freedom to reach the slaves in Texas, the beauty is that eventually, just like all things in life, that the truth will set you free.

Embrace community, embrace love, embrace each other and embrace truth.

Happy Juneteenth!

Alternative America

The latest culture war attack is the concept of “Critical Race Theory”. A niche academic standard that is only taught in graduate study programs, and certain law school elective courses. On the surface, this hyper focus on a small analytical theory is designed to keep this from being taught in the K-12 program. Yet, the attack on critical race theory is far deeper than that (Hopefully you have or will listen to my podcast, which describes this in great detail). The idea is to not keep a seldom known legal and theory out of K-12 programs, but to eliminate the idea of ‘race’ talk in the schools, and ultimately reframe the idea of history concerning race. The understand….matter of fact…they expect that the public has no idea what it is…and that’s perfect…because in that way….they can reframe the idea in the manner they see fit.

Americas Israel

We have to admit the power inequitable power dynamic Israel shares over Palestine. We have to admit that US Middle East policy relies on having a strong ally in the Middle East.
We have to admit that because of that reliance, our country contributes, at least, 4 billion dollars annually, to that state’s defense fund.
We have to admit that for that contribution, we have authorized the unequal power dynamic.
We have to admit that with this in-equitability comes dominance.
We have to admit that with dominance, comes suffrage on the end.
We have to admit that the suffrage is one-sided and often misrepresented.
We have to admit that the misrepresentation is a result of owning and controlling the narrative.
We have to admit that narrative can only be controlled by those who have the power.
We have to admit that the misrepresentation is belied on the fact that the US Government, European partner countries and Israel itself will never paint itself as the ‘bad actor’.
We have to admit that to challenge these concepts means you are challenging the very nature of integrity of the thing you are being critical of.
We have to admit that once a challenge is offered, the response is usually one of aggression and defensiveness.
We have to admit that this defensiveness results in the attacking of the challengers, intentionality and often times character.
We have to admit that this character assassination is a hard thing to defeat if you do not in yourself possess any power.
We have to admit that most people feel powerless.
We have to admit it is in that powerlessness that we fail to speak up and respond.
We have to admit that this is how a State, A Nation, A country can continue to operate above reproach.

Creation of Fear Blog Art

You see, it is of my opinion that the essence that’s causing all this social turmoil is derived from white people’s manufactured fear of men (people) of color. It is from this inherent narrative of fear that the emotional reaction to dealing with situations involving men of color is to resort to violence and/or intimidation. You only attack and/or challenge what you fear.

DMX angel wings photo

….Furthermore, his rap cadence was both unconventional and mesmerizing. It was soulful, painful, and deep. His voice had the ability to be both rigid and beautifully smooth simultaneously. His voice was, in my opinion, was the epitome of the characteristic of a black man, wonderfully complicated…


….Basically, Godzilla is an emotional white man who is overly concerned with being deemed irrelevant and is terrified of cancel culture. Even though it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel white supremacy….