Episode 56:

The Anniversary Podcast: 10 years in the making…

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by the most special guest in the entire history of this young podcast. The incredible, the immeasurable, the incomparable, Ivory Williams. With their anniversary coming up on (9/24) the two discuss their 10 year marriage journey, the highs and lows, and everything in between. A podcast 10 years in the making.

Time Stamps 

I. Monologue (1:40)

II. Introduction (5:33) 

III. How did we meet? (9:00) 

IV. A rocky start (14:00) 

V. When she figured out I was  playing her (26:12) 

VI. She was sponsoring me (30:17) 

VII. Outside people sowing negative seeds (36:43) 

VIII. When did you know I was the one? (40:40) 

IX. What made Ivory different? (43:54)

X. Dealing with financial difficulty early (46:02) 

XI. Supportive strength (50:10) 

XII. Sacrifice in a marriage (54:41) 

XIII. What does marriage look like to you? (57:55) 

XIV. Wanting different for your marriage-not being like your parents(1:00:13) 

XV. What does preparing for marriage look like? (1:07:23) 

XVI. Growth in marriage (1:13:29) 

XVII. Did you ever think about leaving me? (1:16:10) 

XVIII. Adversity pushes (1:25:32) 

XIX. Kids (1:27:05) 

XX. Funny family grandpa story (1:37:02) 

XXI. Conclusion (1:41:15)