What is the difference between an Aristocrat and a Black AristoCAT? Well a regular Arisocrat is someone who deemed a “Blue Blood” a member of societal aristocracy. A social class that according to western civilization, if of the upper rank of social ladder. People who come from such high yield, often times consider themselves elite. They are often unrelatable and offer no understanding of the real world around them. While their social status maybe ideal on the surface level, underneath it all they are shallow and without merit.

An AristoCAT is different. They are simply someone who may operate on the corners of high society and may on the veneer look like they come from the same elite stock as their aristocrat counterparts, but diving deeper, they are not the same. While the first part of their title gives way to an elite perspective (Aristos-Greek for Power). The second formation of their word (CAT) implies something deeper, cooler even. A Cat by its very nature is strong, agile, flexible, adaptable, instinctual high sense of smell and great night vision. These are all the trademarks of someone who survives in a society that was not built for them. They are strong in their sense of self, agile with their thinking, flexible in their approach to any situation, adaptable to scenario that maybe foreign to them, they have great vision even in the darkness of a current circumstance and last but not least, they have a keen sense of smell for bull shit. If you are black and successful then you have the added benefit of operating within the duality of your life. On the hand, you live and thrive in a world that was not engineered for your success, and yet here you are. A Black success story is one of triumph, full stop. If you have managed to live in two worlds successfully-never forgetting from whence you came, then you my friend are a Black AristoCAT.

This page is dedicated to the writings and ideas of the Black AristroCAT, we welcome any and all submissions.


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