Osaka Woods

Episode 39:

Black Athletes In White Spaces

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Nathaniel Lester and Attorney Bruce Mount Jr. Where we discuss the humanity of the modern sports athlete and speak about Naomi Osaka’s French Open situation and her legacy. We also dive into the Tiger Woods and his legacy. It’s a great podcast, check it out!

Time Stamps:

Monologue (1:05) introduction of the guest (6:10) Thoughts on Naomi Osaka saga (10:50) Naomi Osaka impact on the culture (29:35) Tiger Woods humanity impact (43:05) Nikes advertising of Tiger (52:00) Tiger Being raised to be devoid of Humanity (1:03:15) White America using Tiger Woods to further white supremacy (1:08:32) Raising black kids in white spaces (1:15:32) Tiger identifying as Cablanasian (1:22:24) Tigers cultural impact (1:39:35)