Cannabis Conversation Part 1

Episode 30:

The Cannabis Conversation Part 1: History & Advertising

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We begin our “Cannabis Conversation” series with Part 1 of the conversation. Our special guest for this episode is Valda Coryat, the Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve.

Camara and Valda discuss the history of Cannabis perception in the US, advertising & promoting the Cannabis industry, working as black women in this new industry, evaluating California and Denver, and what we can learn, and finally raising children in this new environment. It is great episode, check it out and chime in on your thoughts.

Time Stamps:

Valda Coryat Background (6:45) History of Alcohol & How it tied to Cannibus history (15:34) Marketing Cannabis (23:20) The innovation behind Cannabis plant (41:00)  Discussing the Endocannabinoid System (44:00) The economic industry around Cannibus (45:20) Discussion how Cannibus has affected local economies (54:50) Being black women in the Cannibus industry (58:00) Balancing parenting & speaking about Cannabis (1:05:00) Evaluating the laws surrounding Cannabis (1:08:35) What does Cannabis mean to black culture? (1:14:20)

Also, check out the document referenced on the podcast: