Cannabis Conversation Part 2

Episode 31:

The Cannabis Conversation Part 2: Business & Culture

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We continue our “Cannabis Conversation” series with a part 2, and we are joined by special guests, Chadd Anthony Cole – (Finance Director/ CFO), Ingrid Hoe – (Chief Markerting Officer) and Dr. Shima Shekari- (Medical Director). They are owners of Medical Marijuana business called “The Card Clinic” which is located in Winter Park, Florida. In this podcast we talk about the journey into opening up a medical marijuana, the disparaging numbers of black & brown people left out of the industry, the medical benefits of marijuana, marketing, and the steps to receives a medical card. It is a podcast you don’t want to miss!  Check it out.

Time Stamps:

How did you get into the Cannabis business? (6:54) Cannabis effect on Black community (14:56) The difficulties of getting into the business (20:30) Difficulties in marketing (33:44) Defeating the Stigma (36:00) Creating a normalized lifestyle & moving away from weed culture (39:20) The medical benefits of Cannabis (42:45) The different ways people can consume Cannabis (47:35) Different strands of Cannabis (50:45) Celebrities involved in the Cannabis [what makes a great Cannabis name?] (1:02:15) Who is the target market? (1:06:10) So how does get a medical marijuana card? (1:08:57) Looking forward in Florida (1:16:00) What does Cannabis mean to black culture? (1:18:57)

The Card Clinic
1320 South Orlando Ave.
Winter Park Florida 32789