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Episode 32:

(Podcast Special Edition) Chauvin Verdict: Immediate Reflection & Thoughts

In this SPECIAL EPISODE of the Uncultured Bias podcast. We take a deep look at the Chauvin verdict, the trial and aftermath. Joining us in this conversation is Attorney Natalie Jackson. What did we learn? Are we satisfied? What can we expect now?

Time Stamps

Monologue (1:35) Introducing Attorney Natalie Jackson, her initial thoughts on case (6:23) Why does it seem like officers seemingly are given more credence (10:34) Me detailing a bias I experienced during a trial (15:30) Evaluating the broken criminal system (18:34) Evaluating Attorney Keith Ellison (22:06) Describing the state Trayvon Martin case (24:02) The inherent bias of Prosecutors (26:05) Not seeing the humanity of Black & brown people (29:54) The strategy of Chauvin Defense team (34:08) Evaluation of the jurors on this (41:36) The witnesses in Chauvin case (50:02)  The accountability of law enforcement-calling out against its own (52:26) Talking about Attorney Ben Crump (57:45) Looking at how Ben Crump has changed public policy (1:00:41) How will this Chauvin case impact Black culture (1:03:21)