Episode 69:

Kanye Krazy?!?

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by music manager Jai Yoko, and former law school classmate, attorney Shannon Ligon.  We discuss the complexity behind Kanye’s legacy and how we view him in the current light, in anticipation of his upcoming Donda 2 release. This is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

Time Stamps:

I. Opening statement (1:00)

II. Introduction (6:22) 

III. Evaluating Kanye’s early legacy (10:25)

IV. Pouring into your children (25:12)

V. Losing his religion (34:05) 

VI. The circus of Kanye (37:16) 

VII. The toxicity of Kanye (47:10) 

VIII. The gaslighting of Kanye (50:00) 

IX. What is STEM PLAYER (1:04:07) 

X. Closing thoughts (1:13:40)