Episode 70:

Race & Morality: How Americas Complex History Affects Our Geopolitical Status

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by guest Attorney James Smith III and Attorney Gabrial McGaha, they discuss the moral complexity of America’s racial past and how it affects our current geopolitical status. We delve into communism’s impact on the Civil Rights movement, the Christian right-wing fascination with strong-man leadership and Putin, and of course dive into the current Russia and Ukraine crises. This podcast is chocked full of nuance and challenging contextual analysis. Settle in and absorb!

I. Opening Statement (2:05) 

II. Introduction (11:59) 

III. The root of our race & morality issue (14:38) 

IV. The anti-communist relationship to civil rights  era (19:15) 

V. The anti intellectual movement (28:58) 

VI. White Nationalism & The Appeal of Strong Men ideology (45:45) 

VII. Trump-Putin appeal (58:20)

VIII. Evaluation of Ukraine-Russian crises (1:18:16) 

IX. NATO -An imperialistic ideal? Or white Supremacy sovereignty? (1:30:23)

X. Conclusions (1:46:40)