Often times society will tell you the framework of how one should think, feel, and worst of all what to say. This very much so given through the prism of anti-black culture. This Podcast smashes that convention by evaluating how politics, social issues, music, sports, entertainment and life through the prism of black culture. Our culture is more than consumption, it is the prism of life. This Podcast leans on that fact. Welcome, to the world of the Uncultured Bias.

Who am I?!?…well I am simply an uncultured intellect, seeking to create a safe space through illuminating, often thoughtful conversations meant to incorporate what he calls the 6’ E’s, which are Enlighten, Encourage, Energize, Entertain, Empower, and Engage his audience on issues that construct everyday Black lived experiences.

Who am I?!?…..I am the uncultured guy, who is not afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions. It’s all about to authenticity, for me. The harder the topic, the more powerful the conversation. The world is built on truth, and those who are unapologetic about that truth, tend to bend on the right side of history. I live by the 4 S’s which are Sincerity, Sensation, Success, & Spirituality. These are the four pillars of the truly enlightened man.

Who am I?!?…..I am the uncultured human, with an artist spirit. I am in love affair with creativity. I value the human expression in every form and medium. Whether its music, poetry, photography, paintings, or simply just marveling at the beauty of the world around me. I intend to find beauty in it. Therefore he lives his life searching for the 7 I’s, which are Imagination, Illumination, Innovation, Impact, Inventiveness and Iconic. These are my guiding stars to internal & eternal growth. To me, creativity is the cheat code to life. .

Rarely are people just one thing. We are mixture of our experiences and imagination. Life and responsibilities sometimes forbids us from being our ‘every-self’. Whether it is because of our jobs or family situations, we often times push down the other piece of us, in order to make room for the person that society and/or your family witnesses on the daily. All three individuals shown and described above, represent a part of me. If you can relate to any portion of me, or simply understand the complexity of identity, well then…….you are Unconventional, Unparalleled, Unbelievable and most importantly….you are Uncultured….welcome.



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