Episode 73:

Visual Cultural Conversation

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast.  Camara Williams is joined by, senior counsel Aziza Bowzer of Paramount Global. Together, they talk about the impact of the video music era, hip hop and black cultures imprint in America. Whether that imprint has been at the benefit or detriment of black America, the biggest takeaways from that era, as well as a look into the making of an awards show. This is a podcast that stoked in nostalgia, perspective and fun! Tap in and enjoy🎙 .

I. Opening Statement (1:05)

II. Introduction (8:15)

III. How did the Video Music Era impact your life? What was your favorite Video Music program [Video Soul, Caribbean Rhythms, Rap City, Yo MTV Raps, Video Music Box] (13:50)

IV. How Video Music box changed the world (17:30) 

V. The impact of Yo MTV Raps & Rap City (23:30)

VI. R&B died when Video Soul died (34:40)

VII. How social media changed the landscape (40:05)

VIII. Lil Nas X is saving the video music story telling (54:00)

IX. Are we better for the sharing of culture, or is this a rice situation? (58:53) 

X. The streaming era (Viacom/CBS/ Paramount leading the way) (1:09:50)

XI. Award show stories (1:14:52)

XII. Conclusions (1:33:46)