We Want A Revolution…

February 16, 2021

revolution fist

What is a revolution?

Can you feel it? Can you touch it? Why does some thing so heavy, so poignant, so real, have a hard time being described about its physical appearance?

If a revolution cannot be televised. Well then can it be streamed? Can the death of a man whose neck was sat on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds be carried across the world in just a blink of an eye?

Is that the revolution?

What about if someone changes the name of street?

Is that the revolution?

Or if the company finally acknowledges that representation is an important factor in company growth?

Is that revolution?

The term revolution is defined as the the rotation of a celestial body on its axis. But it also means a fundamental change in the way of our thinking and visualization.

So how can it be two things at once. Can we change and rotate around the axis of oppression. Expecting it react with our motions? Or do remove ourselves from this hamster wheel of progress-and finally acknowledge that no change ever happens if we are simply just spinning our respective wheels?

What are we revolving around if the system of oppression, and inequality is the basis and center of our society?

Why are we so beholden to wheels on an immobile vehicle? Who does that serve? Is that the revolution Fred Hampton gave his life for?

You see I have these questions-that need answering. But I have hard time describing what I want….

Because I don’t know what a revolution is?….

……But I know what it ain’t?

A revolution is not a social media post.

A revolution is not a hashtag.

A revolution is talking point in a political speech.

A revolution is not name change on street in an urban environment.

A revolution is not product of comfortability and ease.

A revolution is hard.

A revolution is honest.

A revolution is unwavering…and sometimes if there is friction….

A revolution is bloody.

America was founded on a revolution. The very idea of change permeated the air of the early colonist. They understood that spinning on the axis of British empowerment was not the change they needed….

And yet…when in modern times those in power are challenged with the concept of revolution. It is normally dressed in reform.

America was not created on reform-we did not rebrand ourselves as off shoot off the British empire. This placed birth through the labor pains of political freedom. It is literally in our political DNA tear apart and build anew

So when I say I want revolution. YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I MEAN!!!

I WANT A REVOLUTION! I don’t want reform. I WANT A REVOLUTION! I don’t want refrain. I WANT A REVOLUTION! don’t want regurgitation of sorrow. I WANT A REVOLUTION! I don’t want redress.

I WANT…(no scratch that) I DEMAND!! A REVOLUTION!!!!!!!