Episode 55:

WHAT IF? (The 9/11 political multiverse conversation)

In this episode of the Uncultured Bias podcast. Camara Williams is joined by Lyndon Carter, as they take a political multiverse conversation surrounding 9/11 and ask the multiverse conversation….What If?

Time Stamps 

I. Monologue (3:00) 

II. Introduction (8:45)

III. Talk about musical inspiration (9:35) 

IV. A seminal event in US History (16:45) 

V. What If….Al Gore would’ve been president? (20:24) 

VI. The wrong Bush? A different GOP? (26:37) 

VII. A different first black President (30:39) 

VIII. Would Donald Trump ever been politically relevant (41:46) 

IX. Why Barack Obama wouldn’t have been President (48:45)

X. Why Joe Biden is NOT the establishment?!?!? (51:55) 

XI. What If Trump was re-elected, would Afghanistan be different? (57:01)

XII. What If Hillary Clinton won? (1:01:21) 

XIII. What If Great Britain NOT America won WW2? (1:04:54) 

XIX. What If Segregation didn’t cease to exist in the 60’s (1:18:11) 

XX. Conclusion (1:30:02)