I am Camara Williams, a Florida based attorney, who operates in political strategy and community organizing. I have extensive legal experience in Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Business, Contract, Transactional Law, Labor, Employment, Federal and State law. I am a writer and guest lecturer, with a number of different local universities & colleges asking him to participate in discussions and give remarks to their students.

In addition, I am a public speaker who specializes in topics surrounding black culture, political and social intersectionality. I have also written speeches for a number of different public officials and other public speakers.


I have extensive experience in dealing with franchising from both the legal and ownership side. In business I have counseled corporate clients regarding a wide range of matters; including compliance with federal and state regulations, contract lease negotiations and corporate governance issues. I have also negotiated high end buyouts and corporate transfers. I specialize in civil litigation in both federal and state court. I have litigated cases within and outside the state of Florida.

My criminal experience extends to handling major publicized federal and state cases. I have handled cases ranging from drug trafficking – drug possession, murder & manslaughter cases, robbery with a firearm, burglary, assault and battery, credit card fraud, social security fraud Medicaid fraud, DUI’s, violation of probations and community control.

My Constitutional law background extends to litigating cases for employment and civil rights cases surrounding 1st and 4th Amendment protections. My cases have been deemed successful against the U.S. Government, State of Florida and the City of Orlando.

Simply put, I will fight for those who normally feel like they do not have a voice of their own. I refuse to allow anyone to feel less than due to the acts of a bully. With my personal heroes being Thurgood Marshall and Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, I believe the best way to honor those heroes is to be fearless in my advocacy and my voice.

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My political strategist and organizing resume includes successful outcomes in Central Florida and South Florida. Candidates throughout the State of Florida request me to provide critical analysis and strategy for their campaign.

I also maintain relationships with a number of different grassroots organizations throughout the state of Florida. These relationships help me remain connected in a number of different communities that crossed racial, social, economic, gender and even political backgrounds.


I am known to be unabashed in my view and critique of society; sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s biting, at all times though I am both poignant and authentic. With an undergraduate degree in History and a specialization in African American studies and African history, I tend to layer any commentary with context of historical perspective. I am also known, based on my social media content to weave current cultural touchstones, with complex social and political subjects, in order to make it relatable and easily digestible for the masses.

I try to incorporate this type of technique in my public speaking, writings and guest lecturers. It is my goal that at the end of my speeches, writings or other media content, that the audience leaves feeling, empowered, enlightened and entertained, or as I like to call it “The 3 E’s”. I have spoken in front of audiences ranging from government officials and workers, private sector events, community organizations, local graduate chapter fraternities, and sororities, as well as college and graduate students at Florida universities and colleges.

I have been featured as a political commentator on television and my writings have been featured in a number of different national publications and newspapers.

Often quoted, never duplicated. I pride myself on giving a fresh perspective to a thoroughly discussed topic.


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